22 Rules

Poster designed strictly following 22 design rules.

Poster designed strictly following 22 design rules.

1.    Should have only three colors used in the Poster.

2.   The poster should be done in photoshop.

3.   The face of a celebrity should be included in the poster.

4.   The rules should be in Helvetica font.

5.   All text must be upside down.

6.   Brightness and contrast in the images should readjusted.

7.   Must set the page vertical.

8.   Should be symmetrical.

9.   letters must be white.

10.  Must have some sort of lines on the poster.

11.   Must have border around poster.

12.  Must incorporate a circle on the poster.

13.  One of the colors has to be used must be red.

14.  The poster has to be sports themed.

15.  No capital letters can be used.

16.  The poster should be 24 inches in length or width,

17.  The poster must have a cartoon image.

18.  The poster should should incorporate a logo.

19.  Poster should be in Spanish.

20. Must conceal Where's Waldo.

21.  Poster must have image of food.

22. Second color must be black.